Buckle up, buttercups! Last week we talked about driving the safest car you can. Thankfully cars are becoming safer than ever. BUT that doesn't mean we're off the hook when it comes to driving responsibly.

#28 On feeling invincible

Imagine you're driving the safest vehicle... in the WORLD (as a former Top Gear host might say). I'm not even sure what that would look like, but I'm pretty sure you'd be feeling, even subconsciously, a little bit 'invincible'.

Do you think your driving would change?

What if your usual drive was a classic?

Or a motorbike?

My concern is that as we enjoy safer and safer cars, it becomes easier to forget how vulnerable we are. Cars can be so comfortable that drivers are cocooned from the realities and risks of travelling at speed. It can make us complacent about our own safety, and others', and drive accordingly. I know I had no concept at all of the forces acting on me in a car until I had a rally car accident – thankfully a much safer environment to learn this.

Cars have such amazing safety technology now, but the human body is still fragile. That's why I strongly recommend driving the safest car you can. We're not bulletproof. Which is also why the most crucial safety component remains: an alert, aware and skilled driver.

(At least until self-driving cars take over the world!)

Many factors affect our safety on the road:

* Road conditions
* Vehicle condition
* Weather conditions
* Lighting

But all of these can be managed by a competent, thinking driver.

Buckle up, buttercups! And think 'buttercup', not 'bulletproof' :-)



PS - Please share my Buckle Up Buttercup tips! The more we talk about road safety and what we can do to keep ourselves and others safe – the safer our roads will be. Things that might be obvious to you might still be unknown to your friends or family.