#1 Make it click


Number One Tip

It just happens to be my number one tip of all time – and it applies to passengers too:

Do you remember the "make it click” campaign from the ‘80s? I grew up with Ronald McDonald telling children to "make it click” to a catchy tune on the tele. It did the trick! From a very young age I’ve always worn my seatbelt.

Touch wood, I’ve never had to test out a seatbelt in a road car, but the 5-point harness in my rally car has done its job a few times!

My rally harness isn't unlike the harness used in baby capsules and toddler carseats. It's also useless if not fitted and tightened properly.


Emma wearing 5 point seatbelts
Helmets, HANS device, fitted seats, flameproof race suits and balaclavas, gloves, roll cage, onboard fire extinguisher... none of it much use if not buckled in properly (photo Geoff Ridder)

Think about it:

  • On the road we don’t travel at rally speeds, but we’re still travelling at up to 100 km/hr.
  • Modern cars make us forget how vulnerable the human body is at any speed. Their plush interiors keep us insulated from the outside world whizzing by.
  • You would feel pretty exposed riding your push bike at 100 km/hr, but travelling in a car without a seat belt on doesn’t give you the same idea of risk, even though it’s definitely there!


Just check out this vid of crash test dummies not belted in to a rolling SUV:

Do it right:

  • Ensure you and your passengers always wear seatbelts properly
  • Use capsules or booster seats for little ones - get help fitting them correctly if needed
  • Make sure there are no twists in the seat belt so that it lies flat across your hips and chest
  • Also get into the habit of pulling the slack out from across your waist so that in the event of an accident your pretensioned belt can work properly

Buckle up, buttercups



PS: here's Ronald and the gang in action: