The Suzuki Swift is one of New Zealand's top-selling cars. It has earned that reputation for many reasons, most of them personal to owners. There are some, however, that most owners can agree on.


Here’s the BIG FIVE:


1. Attractive (with a Pinch of Attitude)

For some, it’s love at first sight! The Swift is a great-looking car. It's sleek and stylish, and a little bit cheeky! It comes in lots of different colours to match your style, which is a big hit with owners! You can also personalise it with a tonne of practical and fun accessories.


2. Incredibly easy to drive

Finger light control: Customers tell us again and again, how incredibly light the Swift feels under their control. Cornering is so easy, and parking too; you know where the car’s corners are, due to its smart shape.

Responsive and fun: Amazingly so! It’s alert and swift to respond, like the fun little go-kart you drove as a child.

Versatile: Great around town AND more than comfortable on an out-of-town journey. Although light in steering, it feels very solid on the road with enough pep to pull out and overtake if needed. It suits lots of different lifestyles.


3. Super thrifty

The Suzuki Swift has a small engine and is highly optimized for fuel economy. A full tank of gas (as of writing) will cost you under $100. Driving around Dunedin, customers usually get 500km on a tank, depending on driving styles of course!

The engine is chain-driven. This means that ongoing maintenance costs for the Swift are lower than for some other cars. It doesn't need an expensive cambelt replacement at 100,000km.


4. The BIG little car

It doesn't feel as if you're getting into a small car. It’s so roomy on the inside, it’s a bit of a surprise, like entering the Tardis! The seating position is excellent and the car feels really solid. There’s plenty of headroom and shoulder room for everyone.


Swift Euro NCAP 5 Star Safety Rating


5. It's SAFE

5-Stars: The Suzuki Swift has a 5-star safety rating, the highest safety rating a vehicle can have. Our customers love knowing that the Swift's safety features are the same across the range. You enjoy the same 5-star safety in the base GL model as you will in the top-of-the-range Swift Sport. Often other car manufacturers will cut costs by having fewer airbags in cheaper models, but there's no skimping on safety here.

Strong: The Swift’s reinforced frame  gives its passengers more protection in an accident situation.

ESP - Not telepathic, but almost! The Swift has an electronic stability program, to prevent the car from sliding, if you start to lose traction.


Emma Gilmour in front of Funky Swift with orange accents

As you can tell, I love the Swift too! It’s safe, reliable to own and exceptional value for money. It also has some attitude and spunk!


If you haven’t yet driven a Swift, get in touch with us for a test drive. You can see for yourself why it’s been New Zealand’s most popular supermini for so long.


Emma Gilmour
Gilmour Motors Suzuki
Dunedin, New Zealand


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