Emma's sister, Monica, gets to take the Celerio for a 'wee drive'


Suzuki Celerio

If you work at home or run your own business, you'll know what it's like to have family members drop in for a 'quick' coffee and a chat when you've a deadline looming or you're at your busiest. Sometimes the best course of action is to give them a job to do. I think that's why, this week when I dropped in to see Emma, I was sent away in a brand new Celerio, for a 'wee drive'.

Smart thinking, sis! I thought I would do a small block and come back. I did a small block. And then I wanted to keep driving, so I took it into town. I drove it around the Octagon, and I took it up and down the one way system.

I just wanted to keep driving it around!

The Celerio had great visibility all around, an awesome turning circle, and although it has a little engine (1000cc), it was very willing. It moved smartly off the lights and it felt good cornering. It also felt comfortable, spacious and substantial, with airbags and solid interior all around.

I can see why the Celerio has been called the 'extra large small car'. It's an impressive small-car that can swallow up Irene van Dyck with room to spare! I'm not 'head and shoulders' above many people, but it's still nice to have all that space, for impulse buys at the garden centre, or for wearing a show day hat.

The Celerio is a very frugal little car too apparently. I would have been quite happy to keep driving it around, to see for myself, but thought Emma might call out a search party (for the Celerio, not her sister). So I brought the wee honey back.


Monica Graham



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