The Suzuki Swift is one of the most fun cars in production right now.

Yellow Suzuki Swift

I own one, and I love driving it! It’s stylish, has a good amount of oomph for Dunedin’s hills and overtaking, and it handles brilliantly. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the petrol station too. It’s hard to fault this magic wee car. I’ll try to cast aside my personal - ahem - biases, however, and give you a candid review of the Suzuki Swift...


The Suzuki Swift has been the most popular selling small car in New Zealand for almost 10 years now. Personally, I think this is due to its versatility for New Zealand driving. Not only are Swifts perfect for around town driving, they are also comfortable on the open road. Not many of us can afford to have a town car and a touring car sitting in the garage, so the versatility of the Swift appeals.

The performance from the 1.4L engine is generous. It’s happy to sit at 100kmhr on the open road, with the legs to pull out and pass if you need to. The economy from the engine is impressive. The Swift uses a miserly 5.5L per 100km in the manual, and 6.2L in the automatic. This isn’t just the brochure talking. With some car manufacturers, you can’t achieve the fuel usage boasted unless you’re driving down a steep hill with a tail wind, air-con off, windows up, and passengers leant forward with their fingers crossed!

It’s always impressed me that my Swift’s fuel usage is realistic and achievable in everyday situations.


The Swift also has a great feature often overlooked by the uninitiated:

Low Overhang (= Very Easy Parking)
LOVE it! Having little guard overhang, coupled with the compact shape of the Swift, means you know exactly where the corners of the car are at all times. This makes it incredibly easy to park like a pro, steer around obstacles, and squeeze through tight traffic. It also adds to that fun factor!


The Suzuki Swift is BIG on safety with 7 airbags and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) for active safety. ESP detects when the car is sliding or losing control, then brakes automatically and independently to "steer'' the car back into the correct position, so you stay in control the whole time.


The boot space isn’t huge in the Swift, so if everyday driving includes your family of 5, with everyone’s gear, the shopping, and a Labradoodle, then the Swift probably isn't for you. Folding down the back seats gives you more room and a more versatile space, but it’s still better suited to a couple with luggage, or an around town family car.


The interior is a different story. The first thing you'll notice when you get in the driver’s seat is the head-room. It's definitely Tardis-like! How do they do it? Through cunning design, the Swift is very good at fitting the tallest driver down to the shortest! Customers are always commenting on how roomy it is. The cockpit is packed with the usual features such as stereo, cupholders and adjustable seating. It also has a USB port so you can easily plug in your music. The Sport model has a seven speaker sound system installed.


As is now obvious, I love my Swift. It's a pleasure to drive anywhere, and it’s economical on fuel any way I drive it.  I love the fact that, driving a Swift, you have the best safety technology looking out for you the whole time.  It looks good and it makes you look good too – it’s stylish and parking is a breeze. It’s a car that you can always park right out front and be proud to step out of.  

I can highly recommend a test drive!


Emma Gilmour
Gilmour Motors Suzuki
Dunedin, New Zealand


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