In June 2015, Whanganui was hit by the worst flooding in the town's history.

Cut off by slips for four days Shaun decided to test the AWD capabilities of his Suzuki S Cross by trying to get to town.

"I was pretty confident the S Cross would get through but did get a little nervous on one section where a much larger 4WD was obviously stuck from prior day's attempts".

"I think the combination of light weight and a proven lock up AWD system made all the difference".

There were four slips to negotiate with the silt and mud mostly knee-deep all the way for over 800 metres in one stretch.

"The S Cross just kept on finding grip and pulling itself through with no real fuss whatsoever".

Sadly a road closure prevented further progress so the S Cross was then turned around and had to re negotiate the mess all over again in the opposite direction.

Once again the S Cross AWD system proved it's worth returning home, all be it looking a little grubby from the journey.

"It looked like it had been following Emma on a rally stage".

Shaun Connolly