Tuesday January 13, 2015

Customer Reviews of Gilmour Motors Suzuki

Customer Comments

"Thank you very much for my Suzuki. It exceded my expectations. I was very impressed with the service I recieved. I would certainly recommend you to any one who wants to buy a car. Once again thank you for everything." Dianne

"I really appreciate the time and care you have taken in showing and telling me every aspect of the car features etc. I'm looking forward to many happy years of driving this car. Thank you once again.” Sheryl

"Emma Gilmour of Gilmour Motors was excellent. She is a no fuss, no bother and very genuine person. She has continually emphasised we can visit the showroom or call her for ongoing assistance if we require it, ie; our Bluetooth connection etc. It was refreshing to have a female dealer. Great experience." Denese

 "It was a really easy and quick experience. Emma was very organised and made getting the car so much easier. She was friendly and welcoming which topped it off. I absolutely love it!" Emily

"I'm very happy with my purchase and really appreciated the respect and service from your team. I was given time to make a decision and didn't feel "hounded" or rushed.” Lynlee


Suzuki Swift

"I love my zippy new Swift. Can fit the three kids and hubby and all their gear all the while using hardly any petrol. Thank you for the great service and advice."

"Just dropping you a line to say I had an absolutely great trip to Clyde and back in the weekend and am absolutely thrilled with the Suzuki Swift.  I had a ball playing with the volume control on the steering wheel and listening to Neil Diamond's Cracklin Rosie at full tilt driving thru the gorges!"

"You'd be hard pressed to find a Dunedin dealership offering a better service, in every way, than Gilmour's. They appreciate that every person's needs are different and want everyone to be happy. I've found them to be friendly, helpful and flexible. I love my Suzuki Swift (stylish and very economical) and I'd recommend checking out Gilmour Motors for your motoring and service needs."


Suzuki Swift Sport

"We have now been driving our brand new swift sport just over a month. Nothing else to say “Perfect” in every way. We loved our 2012 swift sport but the new 2018 sport is certainly leaner, meaner and swifter we just love it." Colleen


Suzuki Vitara

"Went for a test drive in the new Vitara today. Very impressed. 6 speed auto paddle shift and very peppy for a 1600cc motor. Heaps of interior room and very quiet on the open road. Excellent addition to the Suzuki range."

Suzuki S-Cross

“I'm thrilled with my new Suzuki S Cross, the colour, shape of vehicle, stereo, interior, boot space. I love the height too, it's strange to be looking down at other cars - you actually see much more too! At the start I thought the vehicle was huge!. But then I see other (huge) 4wheel drives around town and realize it isn't, the S Cross is a great size for me. I'm still getting used to driving an automatic, and parking around town - great to have the reversing camera."

Grand Vitara

"We have taken the car up and down the South Island as part of a trip to do the Abel Tasman walk and it performed excellently and was comfortable to travel in (for 4 people + baggage). I find it very nice to drive - handling is good and secure and it avoids feeling too top heavy, unlike some off-road vehicles. As you can gather from this, we have been very pleased with the purchase and the support given by Gilmour motors."




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